Robbie Allen

Photo by Jak Nicholls

To live dangerously and intensely was what Osho talked about in his book. He discussed the never-ending choice between comfort and discomfort, stagnation and growth, bravery and cowardice. The choices we make between placing us on, and displacing us off our chosen path. The choices we make between freedom and slavery. 

I made the choice years ago to walk the path of the artist and of the traveller. Both are challenging and difficult roads to take, but I am grateful to be able to pursue them. I grew up in Brighton, England and I spent 15 years there developing my passion and skill for art. I studied 'Graphic Design/Illustration’ at Northbrook College, and then studied Games Design at the University of Central Lancashire.

I returned home for 9 months after I finished University, which I dedicated to working on my art portfolio. Shortly after, I received an invitation to go on an adventure, backpacking around South-East-Asia. I have been travelling and living abroad since then, and currently I'm based in the Gold Coast, Australia. Travel has allowed me to experience many incredible things so far. I feel this has had an influence on my art and outlook on life. I hope to combine my experience with story telling in my work, as well as inspiring others to really live life, to make the most of it, to encourage others onto their own path as I walk mine, and have courage to pursue their dreams.

I am interested in other areas such as psychology, philosophy, mind-body-spirit health, history, consciousness, mindset, nature, and truth.

This portfolio website will show my traditional and fine art work in mediums such as Oils, Watercolours, Pencils and Inks. I have found so far that sketching/drawing with Ink brush pens in public to be the most enjoyable and effective so far. Oils are the most fun to paint with as I found out whilst living in Queenstown, NZ going out plein air painting. And nothing beats the feeling of drawing with pencils on paper! 

I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list, and make a connection to my journey as it unfolds. And I hope to encourage you onto yours.


- Robbie




Photo of me on the Twin Falls Walk, Springbrook Mountain, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

Photo of me on the Twin Falls Walk, Springbrook Mountain, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.